Willy Wonka Slots

  • Excellent theme that stays true to the movie
  • Fantastic graphics and animation
  • • As Zynga is a social gaming platform this game is only available for mobile.

If you love playing with your friends, and you love Zynga’s other games, you’ll find this one is a treat.

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Everyone knows of the eccentric Willy Wonka and his amazing chocolate factory and Zynga’s slot game of the same name really brings the iconic movie to life. If you’re a fan of the 1971 movie you’ll love this classic social slot game that can be played from anywhere.


Games and software

The Willy Wonka Slots game is really a series of games. Players start off on the Candy Man Can slot game and as they play more and rise up through the levels they unlock extra machines and games. This game follows a similar format to other Zynga games. There are more games being added to the levels regularly so it’s ever expanding.

Once players have 24 million credits they get access to a separate world of slot machines dedicated to high rollers. There are also the VIP World games, which are on offer to players who make in app purchases in the game.

Like most other games of its kind, Willy Wonka Slots is generally played via an app download on a mobile device and it uses social platforms in particular Facebook to connect players with their friends and other people around the world.

Zynga is the creator of some of the most popular social games out there like Words with Friends and Farmville. They’ve taken their winning formula and applied it to Willy Wonka Slots and we don’t think anyone will be disappointed.


As an app based game, Willy Wonka Slots is designed and purpose made for mobile, which means it’s perfect for playing on your phone or tablet. Compatible with most iOS and Android devices, you can download the app, log in with Facebook and be up and running in moments.


Because there is no real money play here, there are no deposits or withdrawals like you’d find at a real money online casino. Players use a system of casino coins (made from chocolate of course!), which are automatically refilled every two hours. If you do want more, or you want to purchase any of the other goodies on offer you can buy packs of coins via your in-app purchasing methods. Willy Wonka coins can’t be redeemed for real money so buy carefully!


For help and advice, players are directed to a FAQ page, which can be a little frustrating if you have an urgent issue that needs resolving. It would be great to see some live chat or email support as a minimum in the near future.

Bottom line

Willy Wonka slots is a fantastic game from one of the top social gaming software platforms in the world. The smooth gameplay, creativity of the games and real clips from the movie make for a memorable experience for fans of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and even those who have never seen it.