Video Poker Casinos

Video poker is one of the most entertaining forms of online gaming. The fast pace of the game coupled with the familiar rules of old fashioned draw poker make it a favourite amongst online gamers looking for an exciting alternative to traditional poker. You’ll find variations of video poker at almost every online casino, including all our recommended casinos.

Below are our recommended online video poker casinos:

Best Video Poker Casinos

Video poker basics

The rules of video poker revolve around the concept of traditional 5-card poker. You (the player) choose your bet size, and the cards are dealt. You then have the opportunity to discard one or more cards, just as in draw poker, before a second round of cards is dealt.

As in poker, you win based on various 5-card hands such as pairs, three-of-a-kind, full house, and flush. The harder it is to make the poker hand, the higher the payout, with a royal flush being the jackpot. Typically a pair of jacks or better is required for a payout, with pairs lower than jacks not paying anything.

How to play online video poker

After signing up at an online casino, go to the ‘Video Poker’ tab and choose your poker machine. You’ll notice that the interface looks very similar to a pokies game.

Once you’ve made your selection as to the poker machine you’d like to play, it’s time to commence:

  1. Choose your bet size – most versions will allow you to bet between 1 and 5 coins.
  2. Deal the cards by pressing the ‘Deal’ button.
  3. Choose which cards you want to keep by clicking on them.
  4. The second hand is then dealt.
  5. Watch as the results are displayed on your screen.

After each winning hand, you can decide whether to collect your winnings or try to double them. You can also stop playing any time and collect your winnings.

For practice, most online casinos also offer the option to try video poker for play money, so you can get the hang of the game before playing with real money.

Odds in video poker

Each video poker machine uses a pay table similar to that found in most pokies games. Overall, the house edge in video poker – which is generally listed at something between 0.5% and 1%, depending on the game – is considered very low. This is in comparison to various other casino games, in which the house edge can be as high as 5%.

And whilst, like most online casino games, winning in video poker is predominantly a matter of luck, there is an element of skill involved. The luck part, of course, is a matter of the luck of the draw in terms of which cards you receive. Skill, however, comes in to play as you must decide which cards to keep and which to discard in every hand.

Bear in mind that for most video poker games you need to place the maximum bet size to be eligible for the main jackpot when you get a royal flush. This usually includes the casino’s progressive jackpot poker machine, if such a game exists. If you are placing less than the maximum size bet you may only be eligible for a 250-1 payout as opposed to the 4,000-1 or more that’s available when betting the maximum.


Game variations

Today there are many interesting variations of video poker, such as Deuces Wild (where 2s act as wild cards), Jacks or Better, and Jokers Wild. Different variations have different pros and cons. For example a game like Jacks or Better will typically have a lower overall payback, but will pay out more often because of the extra paying hand. Similarly there are different video poker strategies depending upon the game type you choose.

Some casinos offer progressive video poker, which means they share a jackpot with other casinos in the network. This jackpot keeps growing until somebody from any of the network casinos wins it. For example, casinos on the Microgaming network, such as All Slots offer the Supajax video poker game, which has a shared progressive jackpot across all Microgaming casinos.

Many professional poker players target video poker when the progressive jackpot reaches a certain size. In fact one of the bigger video poker wins was made by former world poker champion Huck Seed who hit the progressive jackpot at Aria casino in 2011 winning over US$670,000.

Bottom line

As you can see the element of skill (combined with luck) and relatively low house edge makes video poker an attractive choice for all players. Add to that the possibility for huge progressive jackpot wins, and you’ve got yourself a true winner in terms of odds and game play! To try some free online video poker first-hand, or enjoy the true pleasure of real money play, check out one of our top casino choices such as Platinum Play Casino today.