Slot Apps

You might be familiar with casino apps but there’s a new type of app out on the market and it’s completely different. Slot apps are fun, accessible and best of all they are completely free to play.

Slot apps are a bit like mobile casinos but they only offer slot games and at many of them you can only use play money. With a focus on fun and social interaction, many slots apps let you play with your social media friends and complete missions and fun tasks for extra bonus credit and rewards.

Here’s a selection of our favourite slot apps:

What is the difference between apps and mobile friendly sites?

A mobile-friendly site is usually one that was originally built for desktop, which has then been tailored to improve accessibility/appearance on mobile. By contrast, apps are purpose-built for mobile and tablets, so their usability is better than a site that has been recalibrated for mobiles. With apps, users also have the ability to download content that can be accessed without an Internet connection. This, however, isn’t possible when accessing a mobile-friendly site.

How do we review slots apps?

Our experts offer an unbiased account of their opinions when reviewing slots apps, taking the time to try several different apps so you needn’t do so yourself. When we look at slots apps there are a few different factors we take into account before we add any app to our recommended list. Here are some of our top criteria:

  • Compatibility: The best slots apps are compatible with a range of different devices and platforms including the most common Android and iOS phones and tablets, but also Windows and BlackBerry.
  • Range of games: Whether you’re playing at a casino app or a free slots app you don’t want to be bored. The apps we recommend all have a decent selection of games on offer so you won’t run out of things to keep you amused when you’re out and on the move.
  • Security and safety: Keeping your personal information safe and secure is a priority for any casino player and we make it easier by only recommending slots apps with good security measures in place and a commitment to player privacy.
  • User interface and design: A well-designed mobile app is a joy to use, but a poorly designed one can be nothing more than an exercise in frustration. We check over all our apps to make sure they’re easy to use and well optimised for a touch screen.
  • Promotions and bonuses: Savvy casino players can gain access to a whole range of great promotions and bonuses and the same is true on slots apps. We’ll review all the app bonuses on offer including the fine print so you can be sure you’ll be getting the most from your gambling spend.
  • Customer support: What do you do when something goes amiss on your app? When we review our apps we look at the level of customer support that’s accessible straight from your mobile or tablet. We’ll let you know who to get in touch with and how if you need help along the way.

Read on to find out about the different types of slots apps and the ones we think you should be taking a look at.

What are the different types of slot apps to play?

Are you keen to enjoy a bit of slot gaming action from your mobile? Slot apps are a great way to pass the time when you’re on the bus, or waiting at the dentist’s office, not to mention that if you play a real money slot app, it’s potentially a very lucrative use of your spare time. The trick is to find the best app for you and that’s where we can help at Casinoreef.

If you go to the App store or even Google and search online for slot apps you’re going to get an overwhelming number of results. To add to the confusion there are actually a few different types of slots apps out there and they are very different from each other.

Be careful when downloading a slots app that it’s actually the type of app you’re looking for. Some slots apps are like the real money slot games you’ll find at an online casino while others take a completely different format and can be more like video games where you progress up different levels and win prizes and rewards.

Some apps will let you play for real money as you would at a desktop casino while others only let you use play money, which means you won’t get to withdraw your winnings. There are also slots apps that feature different types of slot games from simple three or five reel fruit machine style games through to themed video slots and big name progressive jackpot games. Whatever you’re looking for there’s almost certainly going to be a slots app to suit you – you just have to know which type you’re after.

Clearly, there are many different types of slot apps to play, so before you get too confused, here’s an outline of each:


There are two types of free slots apps. There are free-to-play versions of real-money slots, offered by casinos so players can familiarise themselves with the games before deciding whether to play them for real, trying to win cash prizes. Or there are free pokies apps where, instead of playing to win big jackpots, the objective for players is to collect coins (or something similar) in order progress through the game’s levels, unlocking new games as they go. The latter are enormously popular due to their almost computer game-like style.


As opposed to playing through levels and unlocking new games, the focus in real money slot apps is to win cash prizes. Players must put their own money on the line in order to land a big payday, with the stake they are prepared to gamble directly related to the size of the prize they can win. Real money slot apps are typically standalone versions of games you would expect to find in an online casino.


Video slots are an advancement on the traditional slots, usually with five reels instead of three. Payouts are more frequent due to the increased number of symbols and paylines, but the amount players can win correlates with how much money they stake. Hitting a combination of common symbols may likely pay an amount below the initial stake, for example. To combat this, video slots tend to offer players lots of opportunities to play bonus games, where they can win far bigger prizes for smaller stakes.


Competing against friends is the aim of the game with social slots. They operate in identical fashion to free slot apps, but are usually powered by social media platforms like Facebook, with players encouraged to share their achievements and accolades in exchange for virtual currency, or other rewards. There are no cash prizes up for grabs when using social pokies apps, with rewards taking the form of unlocked items and improved stature within the game.


These are slots that can be found in the Google Play Store and are playable on Android devices. Players can download either real money or free slot apps to use on their devices. Slotomania, Jackpot Party and DoubleU Casino are among the leading free casino apps, all housing tons of different social slots for players to enjoy.


These are apps available for iOS users, found in the App Store. Popular titles for iPhone owners include Slotomania, I Am Slots and Pharaoh’s Treasure, which all include the progressive elements popular in free slots apps, while some allow players to play for real money too.



The best fruit-machine-style apps to play will vary depending on the needs of the individual. Here’s a run through of our favourites:

If it’s a huge welcome bonus you want, Hot Shot Casino Slots is the app for you. Hot Shot give those who sign up 300,000 in virtual coins to use on their games, which include popular titles like Monopoly, Colossal Reels and Money Burst. Accounts are topped up with virtual currency at regular intervals so players never have to wait too long before they can have another spin.

For exclusive games, be sure to visit the Huuuge Casino. The app is available to download in both the App Store and the Google Play Store and owing to the fact that they produce their own software, you won’t find their games available in any other fruit-machine style app.

As the name suggests, Jackpot Party is the place to go to win enormous (virtual) jackpots. They run frequent promotions giving regular players the chance to compete in big tournaments, where these coveted prizes can be won.

One of the leading slot games from Facebook poker kings, Zynga, the Willy Wonka slots app is highly regarded for great graphics and levels that bear strong likeness to the movie in which we are introduced to the most widely-recognised chocolate factory owner in history.

Another Zynga title, the Wizard of Oz slot is also lauded for its gameplay, with the creative storyline, in particular, sure to captivate any player.

How to play free slots

Pokies apps are played by first downloading the app you think is best. Once signed up, players will typically receive a sizeable pile of virtual currency, which is then used as stake money for each spin. As with real-money slots, where potential rewards won are in proportion with the size of stake, bigger and better prizes – whether they are badges, trophies, coins or games to unlock – are won by making bigger bets.

Players are also given the option to purchase more virtual currency, should their initial amount run out, though their virtual funds are topped up for free at regular intervals, so there’s no need for a player to spend money in a slots app if they don’t want to.

What makes slot games fun?

Slot apps are much more than just pressing a button and watching the reels turn.

Sure, that’s the basis, but players are faced with different challenges they must complete in order to advance to higher levels, which in turn unlocks new games and bonuses. The challenges differ depending on the theme of the game. Players are typically tasked with meeting a specific objective – collecting coins, badges or trophies, for instance – in order to complete their given missions and doing so results in the player advancing a level. The number of virtual coins players are prepared to stake has a direct bearing on the depth of progression they can make at a time.

It’s this idea of completing levels and progressing that differentiates fruit-machine-style apps from casino apps. With casino apps, players take part in a casino game against friends or strangers in a battle to claim the virtual currency on offer, like with Zynga Poker, for example.

An ability to play games in tandem with social media platforms adds another dimension to slots apps. Progress can be shared with friends, while players can also invite friends to try out the same games they enjoy playing.

What are the Pros of playing free slots apps

This social element is arguably the biggest plus points of playing slots apps. Another is how they allow players to gamble without having to risk real money, with competition amongst friends/peers seen as a substitute to the thrill of winning the cash prizes traditional slots offer.

The sense of achievement in completing tasks and moving up levels is another plus point of free slots apps, while the range of slots apps available means there is likely to be one based around a theme you like, whether that is a favourite movie, TV show or game.


Slot apps are great for players looking to combine the fundamental elements of gambling with those of a computer game. Players are challenged and rewarded in accordance with their skill and effort, creating an enjoyable environment with long-lasting entertainment value.

Through social slots, players can post their achievements online, while they can also invite friends to play games with or against them and compete in tournaments where they can win big virtual jackpots.

The rapid expansion of the industry means there are always new games being released, while there are already lots of different titles for players to enjoy.

The many different types of slots – free, real-money, social etc. – means there’s something for all slots fans to get involved with too.

In conclusion, the experience of playing slots is undoubtedly improved through using apps, as opposed to mobile-friendly sites. With apps, mobile slot players are not deprived of the great features offered on websites, and they benefit from better gameplay and usability.