Online Bingo

New to online bingo? Have no fear – it’s just the traditional thing, except you can play anywhere, anytime. Even though you’re playing at home, you can still connect with lots of other bingo players and chat while you play. Plus, you’ll enjoy buckets of extra goodies on the side.

What makes online bingo great?

So what’s so awesome about online bingo? Other than playing from the comfort of your pyjamas in the dead of winter, there are tons of extra perks. Like free games and promotions.

Online bingo halls are famous for all the extra promotions they pack in. Because of the large number of players, they can draw in from all over the world, bingo sites can afford to give away freebies. You’ll find lots of great promotion like free cards, seasonal gifts for Xmas, lucky draws with real world prizes like all-inclusive holidays and the hottest, newest gadgets. Seriously, it’s like bottomless coffee.

There are also bonuses you can get online – so for example, you load up $50 into your bingo account, the bonus will give you, for example, another $50 in credit so you can play twice as much. This means you always get extra value for your money when you play online. Some bingo sites offer a no deposit bonus, so you can play a few games for free on the house before you decide to commit and put in real money.

If you’re new to the game, or just want to get the hang of this online thing and want to start easy, there are newbie rooms to get warmed up in. The best bingo sites will have a daily room with free bingo games at a certain hour of the day. There are games with different ticket prices to cater to everyone’s budget, and when it comes to winning, you will also find that there can be some pretty big jackpots out there – keep an eye out for the progressive games if you’re feeling ambitious. Progressive bingo can have jackpots in the ballpark of $10,000. It won’t be easy to win these, but hey it’s still fun. And when you want to mix things up, there are tons of other side games to check out, like scratch cards and slots.

Of course, it’s not just about the money and prizes – many of us love bingo because of all the friends we make. Don’t worry, online bingo is just as social as in the old school bingo halls. There are chat functions so you can easily chat up with other social butterflies who love the game as much as you. In fact, you will meet even more like-minded folk around the clock because you can check in for a game from anytime, anywhere!

How to play online bingo

Playing bingo online is a piece of cake and is very much like regular bingo. You need a computer, tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection and that’s it. The most important part is choosing a site that is trustworthy, with a good selection of games, and promotions to top it all off. Then sign up for an account and make a deposit if you don’t have a no-deposit bonus, and you’re ready to play.

But how do you actually play?

Choose a room according to the stake you’re willing to put down and the game you want to play, whether it’s Coverall or 90 Ball Bingo, or whatever else there is to choose from the galore.

When you’ve chosen the room, you’ll find that you have a card that corresponds to the game you’ve chosen. Then you may have the option to choose the number of cards you want to play. Obviously you need to buy at least one ticket, but depending on the game, you can easily have something like 48 tickets at once.

Then you’re ready to start. The computer will call out the numbers according to a random number generator (RNG). If your number is called, you can simply click on it with your mouse, although there is an auto-function with online bingo where you can let the software mark off the number for you – after all, keeping track of 40 odd cards isn’t an easy job!

Popular bingo games

When it comes to online bingo, there’s quite a bit of variety to choose from. Some favourites include:

  • Speed Bingo (30 balls) – this is a much faster compared to the traditional game. Like the name suggests, the game is sped up and has just 30 balls, and it can be over in just 30 seconds. The card has a 3 x 3 grid layout. Players can sometimes bingo within just 3 numbers.
  • 90 ball Bingo – the most popular form of bingo, and it’s played with 90 balls – duh. The card has a 3 x 9 grid layout.  Win by covering just 1 row, or 2 out of the 3 rows, or the entire card.
  • Four Corners – this is one of the most popular bingo patterns because you only need to cover the top and bottom corners to win the game!
  • Diamond – this is a bingo pattern where you win by covering the 4 squares surrounding the centre square, so that it makes a diamond shape. There is also the outer diamond, where you win by covering the middle square on the top and bottom rows, and on the outer left and right columns to form a larger diamond.
  • Progressive Bingo – unlike regular bingo where balls are drawn until someone wins, progressive bingo has a limited number of balls. If no one wins, then a new game is started and the prize gets added to the next round, and so the jackpot keeps growing until a player bingos. Progressive bingo is almost always a Coverall game.
  • Coverall – you will need to cover all the squares on your card to win here. Coveralls usually have larger jackpots. When you cover all the numbers, it’s called a “blackout”.

Bingo bonuses

There are often all sorts of different bonuses you can pick up to get more out of every penny. To begin with, look out for no deposit bonuses. These are usually around $5 to $10 – it’s never much money, but it will give you enough mileage to see if the site is right for you before you decide to make a real money deposit. Some sites might give you a welcome bonus of 100% with your first deposit, which basically you get double the amount to play with.

There are often freebies for newbies, where you can get free cards, or there might even be a free game room. While free rooms are fun, you should also bear in mind that the jackpots in these rooms tend to be much smaller.  So it’s much nicer to have a free card to a real money game.

Bingo sites also know that we all have a sweet spot for prizes, so they always throw in extras for their players – whether it be bonuses, free spins for slots, gift baskets, or a cruise holiday. There is so much more to bingo than just the game itself when you play online.