Progressive Pokies

The potential for huge jackpots and payouts, coupled with the fun and easy play style make progressive pokies one of the most popular pastimes for Aussies trying their luck at online casinos. The jackpots on progressive slots can become so big they actually favour the player in terms of expected return, meaning it can become one of the few games of chance where the player has an edge on the house! See our list of the best casinos for progressive jackpots below

Best Progressive Pokies Casinos

Progressive pokies games

Most online casinos offer a number of progressive jackpot games, most of which are pokies. Popularity is generally determined by a combination of gameplay and payouts. Some pokies are well loved because they’re particularly entertaining with a compelling theme, whilst others have the super jackpots pokies players prefer.

If you’re after the biggest jackpot, then keep an eye on the game’s ticker. Because progressives are such a huge draw, most online casinos will show a ticker displaying the current jackpot amount for its leading progressive games in the casino lobby, as well as on the website. You can also watch the jackpot grow, direct from the game screen, as you play – adding a literal spin to the phrase “keep your eye on the prize”!

Where to play progressives

Each casino software network has its own assortment of progressive pokies, and each network tends to have two or three “flagship” progressive pokies that are the most popular.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the major casino networks’ most popular progressive pokies and the casinos where you can play them.

Casinos: All Slots, Royal Vegas, Spin Palace

  • Playtech: Marvel Slots, Beach Life, Gold Rally

Casinos: Grand Reef,

  •  NetEnt: Arabian Nights, Mega Fortune

Casinos: Leo Vegas, All Australian Casino

Progressive pokies tips

Like any pokies game, progressive pokies wins are determined entirely by luck. So when it comes to strategy there’s not much you can do. The only tips we can offer are in terms of game choice, and how to place the most effective wagers.

  • Shop around: Compare the various current progressive jackpots before you choose where to play. With the large number of online casinos available, there will be a big difference in the size of the jackpot on offer. By finding the network with the biggest jackpot, you increase the potential win size, lessening the casino’s house edge.
  • Check the paytable: Each game’s paytable will tell you what combination you need to get on the pokie in order to win the progressive jackpot. Some pokies require you to make the maximum bet in order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot combination, so be sure to find out if the game you are playing has this type of requirement.

    Progressive payouts

    The term “progressive” simply refers to the way the jackpot grows (or progresses) over time. With progressive pokies the main jackpot keeps growing and growing until someone wins it.

    Most online casinos will have a six digit progressive jackpot running at any given time, and it is not the least bit uncommon to find seven figure wins. That means with a single pull of the virtual lever, a progressive pokie can turn you into a millionaire!

    In fact, some of the biggest payouts in online gaming history have come from progressive slot machines. For example, in February 2013 one lucky player pocketed €2.56 million (AU$3.36 million) from the progressive jackpot on the Dark Knight online pokie, one of the Microgaming network’s most popular progressive games.

How progressive jackpots build

Most online casinos function as part of a network. That is, they use the same gaming software.

The majority of each casino’s games function on their own, with the exception of the progressive jackpot games. In order to keep the jackpot growing quickly and constantly, the different casino software companies (or networks) pool the pot for each game across all their casino sites.

That means each time a wager is placed on the game, from any of the network casinos, the progressive jackpot increases incrementally. Players at each of the participating casinos have equal chances of winning. Once the jackpot is hit, it starts to build again in the exact same manner.

Microgaming and Playtech are two major gaming networks that run progressive jackpots across their different casinos, with the most popular game for each network usually running at over a million dollars at any given time. As of writing, Microgaming boasts over AU$3 million total in its progressive jackpots – ready to be won by players like you.

Bottom line

Progressive pokies are a fun and exciting way to play online. The huge life changing jackpots up for grabs make progressive pokies one of the most popular online gaming options. To find the biggest of all, make sure to shop around, or visit one of our recommended progressive pokies casinos where you’ll always find amazing payouts.