Fantastic 7s

If you’re a fan of old school slots, then it’s worth checking out Fantastic 7s which offers the best features of simple and straightforward classic slots. The game is the first series of 3-reel online slots launched by Microgaming based on the classic Vegas style and as the name suggests, Fantastic 7s is all about hitting different combinations of the number 7 and winning lots of prizes. Fantastic 7s is great slot for beginners who’d like to explore the world of online slots.

How To Play

At the beginning of the game, players can choose from different coin denominations that range between 5c and $5. Although this slot offers a three-reel combination with a single payline, you can choose the option of betting up to 3 coins on each spin to reach a maximum bet of $15 per spin.

If you play on all the three coins, then you are eligible for the full jackpot payout. Fantastic 7s offers classic symbols such as cherries, bars, and number 7, which works as a multiplier giving a higher payout.

The game is very simple compared to many online slots, as you just need to match the same symbol such as cherries or bars anywhere across the payline. For bigger prizes you need to hit the same symbol on all the three reels. The rewards are based on how many coins you bet on a particular spin.

  • If you hit single cherries on one reel you win 10 coins
  • Double cherries on two reels you get 20 coins
  • Triple cherries on all three reels you get 30 coins.

The biggest payouts on this game are reserved for when you hit sevens. Hitting three sevens on the payline can earn you up to 40 coins. Three red sevens are even better as you can get upto 80 coins per coin wagered.

At A Glance

  • Bonus Feature: yes
  • Scatter: Yes
  • Free Spins: Yes

Graphics and Sounds

Fantastic 7s follows the theme of the classic American slots symbols game, with the symbols featuring a collection of standard bars and cherries. The game gives you an old school experience  with the timeless traditional blue theme of the paytable and reels. This is a classic slot game with a simple theme and without any animation or fast-moving graphics.

There are different sound effects to signify various winning combinations in the game. Reel sounds, winning jingles, and tunes lend a traditional theme to this game and make it a fun but simple game to play.


Fantastic 7s is not a progressive jackpot game, but you still have the chance to win a decent jackpot payout by hitting three mutli-colour sevens. The size of the payout is determined by the number of coins played. One coin can earn you about 500 credits, two coins up to 1000, and three coins can almost triple this amount to 2500, which makes it worth playing for all the three coins each time you spin the reels.

The maximum jackpot payout offered in this game is worth $12,500 which is quite impressive for a non-progressive slot. To win this amount, you’ll need to hit three multicolour sevens while betting three coins for the maximum amount.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of new online slots with fascinating animation, flashy graphics and incredible sound effects with modern design. But, if you’re looking for old school simplicity, Fantastic 7s is the game for you.