New Online Casinos

Every year new casinos pop up online, adding to the already large online casino market available to players. Trying new online casinos can seem a little risky, but luckily Casino Reef is here to point you in the right direction. Despite the perceived risk of playing at newly launched casinos without an established reputation, there are also numerous unique benefits to playing at these sites, such as better welcome bonuses and promotions.

Below, we explain all the pros and cons of playing at new online casinos, and list the best new casinos for you to try out.

Best new online casinos

How do we rate new online casinos?

Casino Reef reviews casinos based on a set of strict criteria, regardless of how long the casino has been around. So, like any casino, we have rated all new online casinos on things like welcome bonuses (including playthrough requirements), game quality, overall security, support options, and more.

Benefits of playing at a new online casino

There are a couple of unique benefits to playing at new casinos that big, established online casinos often don’t offer. These are the biggest ones.

Bigger welcome bonuses – Online casinos know that bonuses are one of the biggest draws, and none more so than the welcome offer. That’s why, to lure in new players and contest with the industry veterans, new online casinos often offer highly competitive welcome bonuses.

Greater game variety and better games – Unlike older casinos, new online casinos usually have a more advanced technical infrastructure. This gives them amazing benefits such as providing more high quality games, and the ability to offer a gaming platform that integrates games from multiple software providers.

 No need for downloading – The advanced technical infrastructure of new online casinos also allows for more than the integration of games from multiple game providers and better quality games. In many cases it does away with the need to download software in order to play. All games of new online casinos are usually playable through their website on your browser (i.e. instant Flash play), making the casinos more attractive for players with Mac and Linux computers. This is also beneficial for players who are using shared computers and can’t download software (such as those playing at the office, or in an internet café). For added convenience, most new online casinos also start off with a mobile version, knowing that mobile play is an essential draw in today’s competitive market.

Better chances of winning – Since the latest online casinos have smaller player bases and often attract people that are new to online casinos, there’s more of a chance to win. This holds especially true for tournaments, where many inexperienced players make for ripe pickings when playing against seasoned gamers.

Disadvantages of recently launched casinos

 Of course, there are some slight disadvantages to playing at new online casinos – though from our experience, they aren’t always the case. Still, it’s important to keep these factors in mind when choosing to play at a new establishment.

Risk – Since new online casinos don’t have established reputations or a large player base yet, it can seem risky to play at a new online casino. How do you know the casino won’t go broke and keep your money, or get shut down? To help eliminate these fears (and risks) Casino Reef has listed above (and continues to review) the top new casinos based upon our thorough in-house testing. Our advice: before playing at any online casino, it’s worthwhile reading up on a review first.

 Fewer payment methods – New online casinos often start out with fewer payment options than bigger and older casinos. But as the player base grows, so do the number of payment options. In other words, this can be classified more as a “growing pain” than as a usual, permanent problem. In any case, most fresh casinos are launched with enough choice in terms of payment methods to serve most players. And if something you’re looking for is missing, you can always reach out to their customer support.

Bottom line

At Casino Reef we always recommend trying new things. But since an online casino involves real money, we have made it our business to try these new things for you first. This ensures your ventures into the novel are safe and secure.