Mac Online Casinos

Whether your favourite’s a MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air; Apple computers are great, reliable products that a lot of people swear by. But for a long time there was a major drawback for online casino players: there weren’t a lot of Mac online casinos. The times are a-changing though, as many websites are now offering Apple compatible casinos, and even iOS casinos for iPhones. We’ve listed the best Mac online casinos in the table below, check them out!

About Mac Casinos

A lot of online casinos used to be solely compatible with Windows computers. Most games were download-based and the required software was only downloadable as .exe files, a file type only recognised by Windows machines.

The Apple-compatible instant online Flash and Java games of online casinos were originally extremely limited, being small in number and for a long time only working well with Internet Explorer rather than Chrome, Safari or Firefox. So players that wanted the full online casino game selection for Mac had to fiddle around with complicated things like Virtualbox, Bootcamp, or other virtual Windows emulators. These programs slow a computer down quite a bit and can be a major hassle.

Luckily though, now lots of casinos offer Mac friendly casinos. While it’s still rare for online casinos to offer their downloadable software as the iOS compatible .dmg file, a lot of online casinos do offer all their games through instant play online. These instant Flash and Java games run well on all browsers and make the websites that offer them fully Mac compatible. See this article for more info on Flash casinos

Advantages of using Mac Compatible Casinos

There are a lot of points in favour of Mac internet casinos. As well as being able to play casino games on your MacBookPro or MacBook Air, the fact that Apple casinos don’t require any downloading is a good thing for many reasons.

Firstly, it saves you space on your hard disk, so you can leave that for other programs and files. Secondly, it prevents the risk of downloading viruses and cluttering up your system. Last but not least, Mac online casinos are more secure. While most online casinos put great emphasis on safety and security, they can’t control what’s happening on your computer. With Mac online casinos where all games are played via the web browser this risk is decreased significantly.

Web based casinos come in different levels of quality and mac casinos are no different. To help you on your way in selecting a good Mac online casino, see our table with the best Apple compatible casinos.

Bottom Line

All players with iOS machines can now rejoice, since there’s no need to bother with heavy virtual Windows desktops anymore. Apple owners can now enjoy all the great casino games directly through Mac online casinos. Whether you have a MacBook, MacBookPro, MacBook Air, or even an iPhone, all the regular PC download casino bonuses and benefits are now available to you as well, on top of extra safety and security. So what are you waiting for, go check out our recommended Mac casinos today!