Let It Ride Poker

Let it Ride is a variation on stud poker where players use community cards and bet against the house. This fun variation on standard poker has enjoyed extraordinary popularity through the years, because of its simple gameplay and fast pace. The game also features an interesting twist that allows players to take back previous bets.

Let it Ride Online – There are a number of excellent places that you can play Let it Ride online. This game is particularly well-suited for online play because of its fast past and exciting nature. It’s also popular for new players, since bets can be taken back to minimise the losses that players face on a losing hand.

How to Play Let it Ride Poker

The rules of Let it Ride are very simple. The goal is for each player to make the best five-card poker hand with a combination of their three face cards and the two community cards. With a quick read through of these rules and a few practice hands, you can start having fun playing this exciting casino game right away.
1. The player sets their ante. Most tables have a minimum and maximum bet that varies depending on the limits you have chosen. This initial wager is placed in the form of three bets that are the exact same amount
2. The player is dealt three cards face up. At this point, they have to decide whether or not they want to pull back one of their bets or “let it ride” and keep all three bets on the table
3. One of the two community cards is turned up on the table. Once again, players decide whether or not they want to pull back one bet or let it ride.
4. The last community card is exposed on the table and players win or lose based on what their final 5-card hand holds
To win a hand, you only need to make a pair of tens or better. Anything above that and you get paid on a sliding bonus scale depending on how big of a hand you hit. The better your hand, the larger your bonus is.

The payout bonus for Let it Ride is as follows:
• 1000:1 – Royal Flush
• 200:1 – Straight Flush
• 50:1 – Four of a Kind
• 11:1 – Full House
• 8:1 – Flush
• 5:1 – Straight
• 3:1 – Three of a Kind
• 2:1 – Two Pair
• 1:1 – Pair of 10’s or Better

Your bonus will also scale depending on the number of cards that are used in your hand. For example if you only use your three down cards, you will receive a 3-card bonus depending on the type of hand you get. Some examples of 3-card bonus hands are the mini royal flush, straight flush, and three of a kind.
If you use five cards to make a hand, you’ll receive an even larger bonus based on the standard poker hands: royal flush, straight flush, full house, and so on.

Versions of Let it Ride Poker

You can play several different versions of Let it Ride online:
• Standard table version
• slot version on machines

Let it Ride Strategy

The strategy for playing Let it Ride is a fairly simple one. After you are dealt your cards, unless you already have a pair of 10s or better, three suited cards of 10 or higher, or 3 suited cards in a row, you should withdraw one of your bets.
You should keep your bet if you have any three cards within a spread of four and one of them is a 10 or better. After seeing the first community card, your strategy should change slightly. If you have a pair of tens or any hand better than a pair of tens, you should obviously keep your bets. The same goes if you have four suited cards or four cards in a row. It’s also worth keeping your bets if you have four cards in a set of five that are the same suit, as this will give you a good chance at hitting a straight flush.

Let it Ride Poker Final Thoughts

Let it Ride has been around for more than two decades now and is a staple of both online and brick and mortar casinos. If you are looking for a variation of poker that is easy to learn, can be found in many places, and can bring you some fast-paced thrills right away, Let it Ride is the game for you.