Caribbean Stud Poker

Have you tried Caribbean stud poker yet? This bluff-free, stress-free version of poker has gained a lot of popularity recently and duly so. It’s fun, quick and with its progressive jackpot – offers the chance at really big wins!

Best of all, instead of traveling to Aruba to play it in its native land, you can now play this exciting game both for real money and for free at online casinos such as Royal Vegas. For a full list of the best casinos to play Caribbean stud poker see the table below.

Best Caribbean Stud Casinos

How to play Caribbean stud poker

In case you’re not familiar with Caribbean stud poker it’s a simple game, somewhat similar to Casino Hold’em and poker, that’s played as follows:

  1. Each player places a bet, called an ante, just like with regular poker. Players also have the option to participate in the progressive jackpot by placing a side bet.
  2. The dealer and each player is dealt five cards, face down. These cards are called hole cards.
  3. The dealer turns over one of his cards.
  4. Players may look at their own cards, and choose to either fold or raise, but their raise has to be at least double the amount of their original ante.
  5. The dealer turns over his cards to see if those still in the game qualify for the next phase.
To qualify, the dealer must have at least a king and ace in hand:
    1. If the dealer does not qualify, players who raised will receive even money on their ante, as well as a push on their ante.
    2. If the dealer does qualify, his hand will be compared to those of the players. If the dealer has a better hand, then the players lose their ante and their raise. If a player has the better hand, they get even money on their ante and the total amount raised, as determined by the game’s pay table.

Online Caribbean stud poker vs. regular poker

While Caribbean stud shares some rules and similarities with common draw poker, there are some distinct differences such as the qualifying round as well as the presence of both face up and face down cards. But the biggest differences are as follows:

  • No bluffing! The biggest difference between Caribbean stud poker and regular poker is that players play against the house, so there’s no room for bluffing.
  • Caribbean stud poker can be played without waiting for other players to make up the table, and it can be played for free at many online casinos (so you can practice).
  • Progressive jackpot: The online Caribbean stud poker progressive jackpot ups the stakes and adds an extra dimension to the game. Although the odds of winning the progressive jackpot are usually less than 1%, the size of the jackpot – often hundreds of thousands – makes up for that.

Playing Caribbean stud online

An online Caribbean stud poker game, at first glance looks very similar to an online blackjack game. That’s because the screen features what looks like a standard blackjack table. Game play, however, as outlined above, is more like poker play.

To get started, find the Caribbean stud game you want in the casino software – usually under the ‘Card Games’ or ‘Table & Card Games’ tab. As in all online casino games, actions are made with mouse clicks.

  • Choose the amount you want to bet from your stack of chips.
  • Possible actions generally include ‘Deal’, ‘Bet’, ‘Raise’, ‘Call’ and ‘Fold’.
  • Some games offer other options like ‘Rebet’ and ‘Clear Bet’.
  • The progressive jackpot is usually found at the top of the screen.
  • Your current balance will always be clearly displayed on the screen.

Playing Caribbean stud poker online can be extra exciting because the progressive jackpots can get huge! On top of that, online Caribbean stud poker casinos often offer generous welcome bonuses as well as demo modes, so you can get some juicy sign up rewards and practice before you play for real money wagers.

Bottom line

Caribbean stud poker offers a nice, simple twist on classic poker play. Plus with the progressive jackpot on the line, it can be extra rewarding!

Interested in trying Caribbean stud poker? What’s stopping you? Try real money Caribbean stud poker or free online Caribbean stud right now at one of our recommended sites.