Asian Casino Games

With the increase in popularity of online casinos in the Asia Pacific region, more and more online casinos are offering Asian games. Three of the most popular Asian game variations are Pai Gow Poker, Sic Bo, and Mahjong. 
Because of their exciting and exotic nature, these games offer a fun alternative to common casino games such as pokies, baccarats, slots, roulettes and blackjack. See our top casino choices to play these games below.
Below are our recommended Chinese casino games:

Best Asian Games Casinos

Sic Bo

Literally translated as “precious dice”, Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game of chance, now very popular and widely played in online casinos. Sic Bo is a simple game played with three dice where winning is determined by the sum of the three dice and depending on the types of bet you’ve placed.

The Sic Bo table is like a roulette table in that there are various bet types and sections of the board where the player can choose to bet. For example, the player may bet on the sum of the three dice, individual triples, or various combinations of two of the three dice, just to give a few examples. Each bet type has a different payout, depending on its likelihood. For example betting on any triple yields around 180:1, so if you bet on triple four for example and the dice roll comes out all fours, you would receive $180 for a $1 bet. You can also bet on more likely outcomes where the yields and payours are less.

Playing Sic Bo Online

  • Choose the chip denomination you wish to play with
  • Place the bet on the Sic Bo table, there is no limit to how many bets the player can make in a single round.
  • The players presses the ‘roll’ button, at which time the dice are rolled
  • The wins and losses are tallied, and the next round starts, with the player having the option to repeat the previous bets

Online Sic Bo Table

Sic Bo Table

Mah Jong

Mahjong is one of the most well-known Asian games in popular culture with a rich history. Unlike many casino games, Mahjong is a game where you can apply skills, strategy and calculation to improve your chances of winning. The game comes in solo and multi-player versions, the objective being to make a winning hand from matched sets of tiles before other players do, or to draw a winning tile to complete your hand in the solo version.

Traditionally played with four players who compete against each other to make “Mahjong” in the same way one might play bingo or yahtzee, the online version of Mahjong can either be the multiplayer version, or the single player, also known as Mahjong solitaire.

Playing Mah Jong Online

The rules and gameplay of online Mahjong will vary depending on which version you choose. If playing the multiplayer version, you’ll be matched up with other players, against whom you’ll compete in a game of Mahjong. In this case you take turns against the other players, with the tiles and turns displayed on the virtual game board.

If playing the single player version, you’ll be able to play at your own pace, and will be playing against the house. Again, the tiles and turn information will be shown on the game board on your screen.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a westernised version of the Chinese domino game Pai Gow. This Asian alternative to the classic game of poker has much in common with the basic poker types such as Texas Holdem and Omaha Hi Lo, as well as some elements of blackjack. A low risk game of skill with pretty simple rules, this fun and social game has become a favourite online casino game of poker fans looking for something different. While there will always be a small house edge because of the commission taken from every hand, with the right strategy it can be one of the lowest house edges of call casino games.
Pai Gow Poker is played with a standard 52 card deck, as well as a joker. The idea of the game is for the player to make two poker hands out of the seven cards dealt to them – one with five cards and one with two. The five card hand must be higher in rank than the two card hand. The player must beat the dealer with both hands to win. If one hand wins and one loses, then it’s a tie, and if the player loses both hands then the house wins the bet.

Playing Pai Gow Poker Online

To play Pai Gow poker online follow these steps:

  • Open the pai gow table game after entering the games lobby
  • Choose your bet size
  • Press the ‘deal’ button
  • Click on the two cards you wish to use as your secondary hand
  • The dealer’s hand will be revealed and the payout distributed on whether its a win, draw or loss

Bottom Line

Whichever style of game you prefer, whether it’s a game of pure luck like Sic Bo or a game of calculation and skill such as Mahjong, online Asian games offer a wide variety of options. Check out these popular Asian games at one of our casino choices such as Royal Vegas today.