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How we choose our casinos

At CasinoReef we have an in depth selection process that weeds out the great sites from the underwhelming ones. We only recommend sites that have been tested thoroughly to meet our high standards and very specific criteria so you can be sure they have:

  • A great variety of games: You don’t want to be limited in your options when you play online. The best online casinos offer a wide range of different games so you can be confident you’ll find something to suit you.
  • Excellent customer support: There’s nothing more frustrating than having a problem with your account at 2am and not being able to get hold of customer support.
  • High level of security: Don’t gamble with your personal details! The casinos we recommend use up to the minute encryption software.

Whether you’re a veteran player looking for a little action or a newbie looking to discover new skills try casino apps.

Plus, since they’re situated in cyberspace they have no spatial restrictions, which means the potential for a huge variety of games is vast.

And whilst we assume most of our site visitors are looking for guidance regarding where to play what games, we also don’t take anyone’s knowledge base for granted. That’s why, in addition to being a comprehensive guide for Australian slots and casino reviews, we have included numerous articles on game strategy and game rules. These articles can be used as a quick refresher if you’re already a pro, or give guidance for getting started.

To help you out even further, we’ve created articles that give you a very brief overview of each game’s basics, and then added specific information about online game play. So, for example, whilst online roulette is based on the same premise as the land-based version, with a black and red numbered wheel, the virtual aspect offers a few changes including how to bet, where to see the results, and how to set the wheel in motion.


Safety & security first

At Casino Reef, we know that your safety and security are of primary concern when playing online.

In addition, we have done a thorough survey of each recommended sites online security measures, to ensure that your personal data is always safe. This includes evaluation of such factors as the site’s encryption technology, use of HTTPS, maintenance and availability of your financial records, anti-virus software, and general security policy. Only after going through the checklist, and verifying that the site is actually safe and secure do we recommend it for your use.


A bit about us

As players ourselves, we have worked in the gaming industry for a long time.

Our team of reviewers have a varied level of experience and set of interests when it comes to online gaming, so players of all different tastes and levels are catered to. As well as reviews we share our years of experience as players with detailed guides, strategies and advice.

Bottom line

Now that you know what we’re about at Casino Reef, it’s time to get started!

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